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PM Focus
PM Focus

Reference case
Configit A/S


Voices to shape the strategic product roadmap Including customer voice


Increase of market driven features


Decrease of lost orders


“The company is a world-leading configuration software provider for top tier b2b manufacturing companies globally. The company wanted to improve their product roadmap direction, alignment across the departments, market focus in their priorities and business understanding in development. Sales were eager to learn more about the value proposition and the market launch strategy. This would help the company serve a wider range of customers and be more proactive in setting the direction. This would also enable scaling and a backlog that reflects market needs. Sales would have more confidence in their arguments.”


To address the challenges, we created a new outside-in process to gather market data and shape the product roadmap. The initiatives began by establishing a maturity baseline, and then driving the initiatives across product organization and the business owners. The market inputs were gathered by establishing direct customer contact and other external stakeholders such as a strategic customer advisory board and analysts. Whereafter we did a systematic alignment with internal stakeholders for a shared and agreed priority of the product roadmap. This also provided the foundation for internal sales training, partner updates and external communication into new and existing target market.


Increased market fit of the product and service offering

Defined process to collecting external inputs in accordance with the agile planning of the R&D organization

Implemented best practices of running multiple advisory boards with external customers

Structured process to align internal stakeholders on product roadmap priorities 4 times a year

Clear internal and external messaging

Defined cross functional product launch

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