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PM Focus

Our unique way of working

PM Focus

How do you transform from being technology driven to market driven?

We focus on solving your challenges and work according to our proven 5 step method ensuring a structured and easy to follow process.

Our hands-on consultants helps you with challenges such as:

– Building product and corporate strategy

– Establishing product roadmap

– Creating Product marketing plans

– Messaging alignment

– Creation of value proposition 

– Creating go-to-market plans

– Drive innovation projects


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Our services are designed to help b2b technology companies with challenges such as:

Being pushed around by single customers

Not being in control of the product development roadmap

Not scaling due to limited product market fit

A disconnect between product development and sales execution







Typical benefits obtained by organization we have helped. Examples of benefits:

PM Focus


Achieve a Product Roadmap in line with your strategy based on validated market fit.

PM Focus


React towards changing needs in the market strengthening your competitive position in the market.

PM Focus


Empowered sales teams and clear market communication with precise and impactful launch plan for execution aligned across teams based on value proposition-based

PM Focus


Drive business growth and increase market share by applying test -> measure -> learn -> build methodology.

PM Focus

"Sales was heard and market requirements were brought into focus. All this improved communication with customers and partners and, after a few iterations, led to a better understanding of business requirements in all departments."

COO, Markus Lindeman, Configit

PM Focus

At Configit, Harpreet has been the driver for an outside in approach to product management in which new features are driven by market needs rather than from a few key customers.  Harpreet’s positive energy, engagement and extensive toolbox makes him a great facilitator whenever a group of people must come together and decide on a path forward.

CTO, Henrik Hulgaard, Configit

Our uniqe 5 step systematic approach

Step 1  Need assessment

We asses what is needed to support the strategic product management discipline.

Step 2  Goal selection

Selection of key goal to be achieved

Step 3  Activities

Mapping of key activities

Step 4  Execution

Tailored plan, running short and fat 1to 3 week sprints to finalize vital work to achieve the defined goals

Step 5  Sustaining

!mplementation of new processes and handover of knowledge

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