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Goal selection

To transition to strategic product management, it’s essential to progress gradually to avoid overwhelming the organization. We offer guidance through our maturity model, focusing on one goal at a time for successful change. These six goals will enhance your organization’s focus and growth in strategic product management, backed by proven results from top- performing customers. Our proven goal framework covers

1. Turn your corporate ambition into action by connecting corporate strategy with an executable product strategy

2. Transform to think from outside-in by establishing an outside-in process and structure for product roadmaps

3. Communicate your value proposition to the market by defining messaging direction for your product & service value proposition

4. Ensures consistency in messaging across all marketing channels and sales teams by synchronized and aligned team approach across sales and marketing

5. Increase market share, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve ROI by Building and executing a laser sharp go-to-market launch plan

6. Explore and assess innovative ideas by constantly challenging status quo of the value proposition and business model through

PM Focus
PM Focus

The approach helped Configit reduce ad- hoc product roadmap planning, and systematically increase transparent in the organization with buy-in from decision making stakeholders. Now we are in the driving seat, in control, and sales sell on the roadmap instead on promises that we afterwards must figure out how to achieve

CSO, Henrik Reif Andersen, Configit

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