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PM Focus

Our Story

Product Management Focus (PMF) is an organization founded by Harpreet S. Sahota, a professional with over two decades of extensive experience in assisting clients in resolving intricate strategic product management issues across diverse industries.

Harpreet has helped several of the worlds no.1 leading companies as an employee delivering exceptional results. The extensive toolbox, business understanding and unique methods have been steered with a value compass putting the customer voice as the driver to unlock strategic product business development.

In 2015 Harpreet founded Effektiv Strategi to provide strategic product management training before moving back into solving challenges withing the company organization.

The ambition with PMFocus is to keep solving challenges with the proved method as a professional hands on consultancy

PM Focus

Strategic Product Management framework

PM Focus
Harpreet Singh Sahota
Subject matter expert Founder of PMF
PM Focus
Thomas Jensen
Subject matter expert Senior Associate
PM Focus
Henrik Reif Andersen
Founder of Configit & CSO Advisory Board member
PM Focus
Juha Kairala
Global Service Operations manager, Sandvik Advisory Board member

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