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PM Focus
PM Focus

Reference case
DHI Worldwide

1 year

of efforts saved


Less than 6 month ROI


YoY growth expectation


“DHI Worldwide is a global and world-leading advisory with 1100 employees in 30 countries. DHI’s expertise spans across all water environments — from rivers and reservoirs, oceans and coastlines, to cities and factories. DHI has over 50-year’s of experience in developing and implementing solutions that meet real-life challenges in water environments world over. Their existing advisory business is supported by an extensive and proven software portfolio called MIKE that typically drives the software product development. Within the software product portfolio there are a lot of untapped business potentials beyond existing advisory business. DHI was eager to understand what the potentials are and what product development investments”


To secure a product and market fit for a new market segment. Several verticals were assessed and the most fitted was investigated in details based on market intelligence and actual potential and existing customer interviews. Together we created a comprehensive fact-book with market information covering the market needs before establishing business model development options, together with a strong voice of customers with a advisory board. This led to identifying key jobs to be done, and the value proposition for a product and market fit together with required sales and marketing efforts.



Secured product-market-fit of the software product and service offering.

A defined and aligned go-to-market sales and marketing activity plan.

Data based decision making for price list changes

A product roadmap addressing key pain points

A comprehensive fact book with guidance and check-lists to sustain the work with DHI existing team

Saving at least 1 year of effort with existing resources

ROI less than 6 months

Growth expectation to be more than 30% YoY

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