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PM Focus
PM Focus

Reference case


1:1 interviews with key employees


Sales employees trained


Regional executives brought to alignment

The challenge:

  • A growing company.
  • With focus on growing the business, there was a need for a new sales- and marketing strategy for SEW-Eurodrive A/S
  • SEW-Eurodrive A/S experienced missing focus on the product business, to ensure focus on the right products, and keep the organization up to date, to ensure professional customer service.

The how:

  • Establishment of new values, work ethics and consensus
  • Facilitate and drive workshops with 4 department managers and CEO
  • 1:1 interviews with 15 x employees and workshops to shape the future company
  • Leadership and alignment with CEO 
  • Established a seminar with focus on pro-active sales for 12 employees

The Effect was:

  • Improved performance on strategically important factors.
  • Increased customer focus in sales organization
  • Implementation of total balanced score card
  • Increased transparency and focus on customer needs

Customer quote

“We worked with Harpreet Singh Sahota because we wanted to increase our business with focus on customers, sales, products and our performance.

Harpreet helped us identify key areas that needed to be changed. The establishment of a new matrix team structure was established.

He facilitated workshops, taught and inspired based on best practice and personal experiences. The result was a strong vision and a solid foundation for developing and maturing SEW-Eurodrives sales efforts.

One thing we really enjoyed while working together with Harpreet was the consistent and high quality of produced content.

Overall, it was an inspiring experience and we would recommend Harpreet to any company who need to professionalize product management in their business faster and better.

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