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The program℗ for product professionals




Product experts


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The Program℗ is coming to Denmark, Copenhagen, Ballerup in collaboration with Productbeats.

The program supports companies and product professionals to evolve and create products to have an impact – no matter what is happening.


  • Product Manager
  • Senior product owner
  • CPO, CTO or head of product or R&D
  • Portfolio & platform manager
  • Service Manager

And do you strive to become a world class product professional?

We believe that every company is unique – and there are no one-size fits all concept. Therefore, we believe that becoming a world class product professional is not about learning one specific framework or one specific method.

Product Management is about a mindset – and the ability to take action – no matter what the situation and the context is. Its about having product business acumen, being able to apply relevant thinking through actions to move your organization and product business.

Here is what other say about the Program℗

“Insightful course and wonderful structure. AWESOME instructors and instructional design Productbeats creates a wonderful context to learn” – Jose Uribe, Product Manager, All-in Global

“I feel more comfortable in handling product tasks, and ready for any challenges. Such fun, exciting and informative program.”  – Joanne Watts, Product Manager, BGS Services

“Very clear presentation with well defined (and very relevant) content, well delivered” – Maria Gianneli, Product Manager, Gyris Protein Technologies

“It has realigned my product thinking to be more specific and directed, resulting in me being more effective within my role!”  – Tanille Jessop, Product Manager, Netstock
“Perfect for product professional who are passionate about growth and appreciates a collaborative approach and having fun.”  – Kateryna Serhiyenko, Product Manager, Big Marker

Typical situations

Extended or changed responsibility

You have a new role!

New demands on the product team and on the product manager

The product portfolio has grown

AI is changing the game for you

Your product strategy is not in place or not giving results

About the program℗

The Program℗ is built around weekly themes containing workshops, discussions, exercises and self studies (actions, readings, and viewing). The training is guided with modern learning tools and models.

The weekly themes are:

Week 1: Product Growth – establishing the product as an engine for growth

Week 2: Product actions “No matter what” – the secret sauce of product management

Week 3: Evolve the craftsmanship – prioritization models and smart product planning

Week 4: Orchestration – Collaborating with stakeholders

Week 5: Get it Done – use the new skills

Week 6: Product Leadership – principles for successful product management

Your takeaways

The Program℗ evolves your product thinking and capability to act no matter what. Our participants often mention that they are fueled with skills to:

Design a product strategy to believe in

Do Discovery to build insight

Build Monetization plans including revenue stream creation

Manage a product team without the formal mandate

Welcome changes. and see them as a fuel for evolving

And after The Program℗ you also take with you: an internationally approved certificate as well as new product friends.

When and where?

World trade center R 

Borupvang 3, 2750 Ballerup

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